BREAKING! 2nd Amendment incorporated by 9th Circuit!

Dave Hardy got the news first that I saw.  It's Nordyke v King.  I'm reading the decision now.  The 9th Circuit is a surprise, that's for sure.  Everyone was expecting one of the Chicago cases to be the one, although Nordyke is a case I had heard mentioned before.

Familiar names: Alan Gura filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Second Amendment Foundation.  Stephen Halbrook filed an amicus on behalf of the NRA.  Don Kates argued the case.

All of the usual suspects on the other side were amici, looks like.

Even though the 9th Circuit incorporated the 2nd, they still ruled that the regulation in question (banning firearms from county properly, which has the effect of banning gun shows at a particular location otherwise open to the public) was a reasonable one.  At first blush they probably decided to incorporate so that they could control the analysis of the right, or at least have a voice in it, if the Supreme Court chose not to overrule. 

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