Sharpiegate confirmed

I confess, on election night and immediately after, I thought Sharpiegate was kind of silly. Even if using markers to mark ballots instead of normal pens was going to lead to some spoiled ballots, surely it was accidental, easily corrected, and unbiased. After all, if all voters get the bad markers, it won't be likely to bias the election, right?

Well, turns out all of those assumptions were wrong. Sharpiegate is real. First, the AZ audit confirmed that some ballots were printed on incorrect paper stock. Most of these were emergency ballots on election day, printed when normal ballots ran out or were not available for a particular voter. Guess what? Sharpies on that normal paper stock, not the correct ballot paper, can bleed through the ballot -- exactly as described in a newsletter from election officials -- and invalid the ballot. Election officials knew about this. Proven, documented, in writing.

How many ballots like this? About 168K. Less than 10% of those would swing the election in AZ to Trump.

OK, but how do we know the results were biased and not just a random sample?

Well, Trump voters are much more inclined to wait until election day to vote. This is due to conflicting messaging from the parties and candidates; it's well established and well know even ahead of the election. And guess what? Maricopa County election official Kelly Dixon (Asst Director of Recruitment and Training) was caught telling her people to hand out ballpoint pens during early voting and markers only on election day. "We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2, hand voters a Ballpoint Pen." Given that markers have known bleed through problems, there can be no purpose for the conflicting directives than to sabotage the Trump vote on election day.

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