Ignorance + Linux == Criminal Activity?

At Boston College, a Linux user had all of his computer equipment confiscated by the campus police.  They were seeking to determine whether he had sent an email "outing" another student as being gay to a campus mailing list.  Never mind that doing so is not a crime.  What's more worrisome is what was listed on the search warrant as supporting elements for probable cause:
"[The student] is a computer science major who is considered a master of the trade amongst his peers... it is not uncommon for [the student] to appear with unknown laptop computers which he says are given to him by Boston College for field testing or he is "fixing" for other students.  [The student] uses two different operating systems to hide his illegal activities.  One is the regular B. C. operating system [presumably windows] and the other is a black screen with white font which he uses prompt commands on."
So using Linux, or even DOS (which would equally fit that sparse description), is now grounds for probable cause?

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