New Hampshire audit blames improper ballot folds

Gateway Pundit quoting the executive summaryThis audit found the primary root cause of the discrepancy to be folds through vote targets on some absentee ballots, largely resulting from using a machine to fold absentee ballots. That folding machine, leased by the town for other purposes, did not fold ballots along the score lines between vote targets, where the ballots were designed to be folded. Instead, it often folded ballots through vote targets in the State Representative contest, which the scanners interpreted as vote attempts a substantial fraction of the time: we estimate that about 44 percent of folds through targets were interpreted as marked ovals in November, and experiments conducted during the audit exhibited rates of about 20 percent to more than 72 percent.

Without going into detail on the quality of this audit -- GP was not impressed, but I am not willing to criticize in such strong terms without a closer look -- it seems to me that a problem which potentially invalidates 72% of ballots should invalidate the election and result in a ban on the responsible machines from being used in the future.

I am particularly unimpressed with the explicit refusal to consider the effect of any errors on the Presidential race, and the claim that "no malware was found" on the machines does not convince me as something that was properly investigated.

I do support following up this audit with a comprehensive audit of all ballots, including the Presidential race. Do a full hand recount of every ballot, and determine if there are discrepancies between ballots that point to illegal ballots being inserted.

It doesn't hurt to check.

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