Pelosi nixes assault weapons ban

It seems Nancy Pelosi, the majority leader of the House (and a Democrat), isn't about to pass an assault weapons ban.  The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (also a Democrat) says he won't be passing one either.  That's two separate smackdowns for Hope and Change from his own side, never mind the Senate vote counts suggesting that the bill has little chance of acquiring the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate.  It looks like the Obama administration is pretty much on its own in pushing the issue, assuming it even was pushing rather than sending up a trial balloon.  If it was a balloon, well, I think the answer's pretty clear.

Hat tip to Alphecca for the links.

UPDATE: Even the false-flag gun control group American Hunters and Shooters Association is coming out against this idea.  Probably attempting to get some free credibility since it seems to have no chance of passing anyway.

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