Gillibrand's arm being twisted by anti-gun forces

Gillibrand is the new Senator for New York, now that Hillary Clinton has taken the Secretary of State position.  She originally represented a Republican-leaning district (though she is a Democrat) and as a state representative had an A rating from the NRA.  There is hope that as a Senator, she will retain her pro-gun positions -- but it would be tough to hold those positions and win a statewide election (since, after all, New York City is not exactly pro-gun). 

The anti-gun forces know this and are putting on the pressure to get her to moderate her position.  I wouldn't be surprised if it works, especially since Gun Owners of America wasn't so impressed with her prior record, but she is replacing Hillary, and she does have to represent New York.  If you're a New York resident this might be a good time to let her know you appreciate her pro-gun views.

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