Breda has a video you should see.

It's Rahm Emmanuel speaking to, or for, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.  He's talking about what he wants to get in terms of gun control.  He thinks that gun owners have lost whatever influence we had, and that he can ram through another assault weapons ban, as well as adding a check against the terrorist watch list for handgun purchases.

The assault weapons ban is nothing but political deception, taking advantage of the general public's confusion over "machine guns" to ban weapons that look like "machine guns" but actually function like common hunting or target rifles. 

The terrorist watch list is similar.  It's nothing more than a way to inconvenience a lot of people in a way that makes it look like "something is being done".  Right now, it just affects whether you can fly in an airplane and how much extra screening you get if you try.  But it's a list that has absolutely no due process associated with it at all.  Names are added to the list based on inscrutable intelligence processes, with no chance to defend yourself and no judicial review of who is added.  To date, the only way to be removed appears to be getting elected to national office*.

I know people whose names are either on the list, or similar to names on the list, despite clear records and no hint of risk.  Many similar cases have been reported in the media. 

The utter lack of due process involved here is bad enough when the consequences are merely a minor annoyance when travelling.  When that same lack of due process is applied to restricting an enumerated Constitutional right, it's tyranny.

* There is a also purported appeals process that seems to revolve around proving that you, personally, are not the terrorist whose name was added to the list, just someone with a similar name.  The process is run by beaurocrats, not judges.  Reportedly, Senator Edward Kennedy was placed on the list at one point.

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