Economic Warfare

An ACORN activist is now pushing to require background checks on ammunition sales.  Make no mistake, this isn't about stopping crime; it's already illegal for criminals to possess firearms.  It's about making the hobby of shooting more expensive in time and money.  Think about the trouble involved in purchasing a firearm even under the NICS instant-check system: a multiple-page form must be filled out, the dealer must check identification and make a phone call to the FBI, and then wait for an answer to come back.  Sometimes, the answer comes back quickly.. but sometimes it takes hours, or days, or the system is just plain down and the buyer gives up.

Now imagine applying that to every ammunition purchase.  Plus, undoubtedly, this proposed law would come with a fee attached.  In some cases the fee will undoubtedly be more than the cost of ammunition itself -- imagine a box of .22LR with a $25 fee for the background check.

And realize that these requirements will almost certainly eliminate the ability to purchase ammunition online, leaving gun owners at the mercy of whatever their local firearms dealer is able to keep in stock.  That's a formula for greatly reduced choice in ammunition, and that will harm the firearms industry by reducing the variety of firearms available on the market.  If you can't get ammunition for your fancy new rifle, will you really buy the rifle?  Probably not.

This is nothing less than a tax on political opposition to gun control.

Hat tip to Alphecca.

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