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The War On Guns has a link to a debate forum where the candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee will be debating.  Users can post questions and vote for questions to be asked of the candidates.  This is a chance to get some significant input into the Republican Party's direction over the next few years.  David's a little peeved that no one seems to be helping out on the political end, so this is me doing my part.  Now, you go do yours.  The deadline is tomorrow (Monday, Jan 5th) so I really do mean NOW.

UPDATE: Here are some of the questions you might want to vote for.

My question:
Lately the Republican party has ignored three major elements of the coalition: gun owners, small-government proponents, and fiscal conservatives. The response to Sarah Palin's selection as VP by an otherwise miserable top-ticket presidential candidate should make it obvious to the party where the passion is. I would like each candidate for RNC chair to name three things: 1) Name one federal gun control law which violates the 2nd Amendment (DC's restrictions do not count) and explain how you will work to remove this unConstitutional law. 2) Name one federal beaurocracy which is not Constitutionally authorized, and explain how you will work to remove it. 3) Name one significant position the party has taken in the past that you feel is incorrect, explain why, and how you will act to correct the situation.
Michael Bane's question:
Are you willing to unequivocally support the Second Amendment, including: 1) Unequivocal opposition to any so-called "Assault Weapons Ban." 2) Opposition to any ban on magazine capacity, types of ammunition, etc. 3) Opposition to any attempt to subvert at a federal level state-approved concealed carry laws. 4) Support for concealed carry rights on a national level. 5) RELENTLESS opposition to any federal registration schemes, whether on firearms, ammunition, etc. The GOP has treated those of us "under the tent" because of Second Amendment issues as the "crazy uncles in the closet" for far too long! The GOP must embrace the Second Amendment if we are to embrace the GOP. Michael Bane Host & Producer SHOOTING GALLERY THE BEST DEFENSE

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