Gun sales surge; racism...

Tab clearing from 2008, and a little bit of an interesting historical timeline.
Not every gun enthusiast is so worried. Mark Greene, a hunter and member of Gun Owners for Obama who led a grass-roots campaign for the Democrat in Tarrant County, Texas, said he regarded fears of a looming ban on assault weapons as unfounded.  "People are being pretty reactionary," Greene said. "There's a small contingent of folks in and out of the gun-owning community concerned that Obama's election is such a revolutionary change that it could portend mayhem. I think it's hysteria."
So, a volunteer for Obama in 2008 and a (claimed) gun owner says the idea that a ban on assault weapons is hysteria.  Ok, fair enough; in 2008 Obama was trying to reassure the bitter clingers that couldn't take their guns if he wanted to, because he didn't have the votes in Congress.  This wasn't exactly reassuring, because it was obvious to anyone who did a little historical research into Obama that if he did have the votes, he would love to take our guns.

Fast forward to 2012, when Obama is up for election again.  Oh look, it's Mark Greene:
Mark Greene, hunter and former member of Gun Owners for Obama, disagrees. He said he still owns guns -- and still supports Obama.  "And I still have very little in common with the fear-mongers and bunker-mentality gun nuts who will tell any lie they think they can get away with to try and bring down this president they hate so vehemently and irrationally," he said.
Well, now he's a former member of Gun Owners for Obama, probably because Obama disbanded that astroturf organization after his first campaign.  But he still thinks gun owners are irrational fear-mongers for opposing Obama on gun control grounds.

So who was rightYou be the judgeWhat do you think of Obama's intentions on gunsWas Mark Greene being honest with you about whether Obama would push for a ban on assault weapons?

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