Post-Election thoughts

America has a new President-Elect, if not yet a new president.  The man who won the election did not receive my vote, nor was he even my preferred choice between the two major party candidates; nonetheless, he appears to have won the election by enough of a margin that even the worst-case scenarios of voter fraud, poll intimidation, or campaign finance problems would not have changed the results.  I may not have chosen the man as president, but I will not challenge his legitimacy in the office.

Nor will I deny the historical impact of his success.  Obama may usher in a post-racial America despite the best efforts of some of his more fervent supporters, and indeed perhaps even against his own professed views.  From this moment forward, there can be no more excuses that the "system" won't allow a black man or woman to succeed.  Those who do not will need to take the responsibility for their lack of success upon their own shoulders.  That could be a truly transformative proposition.

For those who have doubted his experience and talents, in whose number I count myself: give the man a fair chance to do the right thing for the country.  He might surprise us.  In fact, given that his record includes more "Present" votes than anything else, surprise is perhaps inevitable.  Note that "a fair chance" does not necessarily exclude stocking up on firearms likely to be targeted for bans in a democratic-controlled government.

I don't expect the next four years to go particularly well for America, and I'm sure that I'll be opposing many of the initiatives that our New Glorious Leader proposes, but I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised.

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