Open Mouth, insert foot

Derek Reeves over at Outdoor Life has a good article on the divisions within the gun community and how those divisions often hurt our ability to elect politicians who support the whole community rather than one narrow splinter of it.  On the whole, he has a good point, as the Zumbo affair demonstrated.  However, he does make one significant error:
Now is the time for all of us, gun owners and constitutionally minded individuals, to come together under one banner. That banner can be the NRA but most importantly it has to be heard through votes. There are an estimated two to three hundred million registered firearms in the hands of law abiding Americans--that is a strong and very loud voice at the polls. Or we can stay divided, kick back and hope for change or is it change for hope?
"Registered" firearms?  Last I checked we don't have universal firearms registration in this country.  Three hundred million legal firearms, sure.  But let's not give the antis ammunition by equating "registered" firearms with "legally owned" firearms.

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