Richard Feldman writes
"Obama supports the Second Amendment and he's unabashed about saying so."
What about when Obama was saying that he supported DC's handgun ban?  What about his proposals to ban gun stores from anywhere south of the North Pole?  What about his support for handgun bans in Chicago and its suburbs, including voting to prosecute people who defended themselves from a criminal with a handgun?  What about Obama's endorsement from the Brady Bunch? 
Why aren't the leaders of the "gun rights" movement in America pleased with the fact that the Democratic nominee for President has reached out to gun owners in re-assuring them that he supports gun ownership?
Because he's lying.  It really is that simple.  There's a lot more to it than votes from 10 years ago... like Obama's infamous claim that gun owners were "bitter" and "clinging to their guns and religion." 
As a gun owner, I want both parties' nominees to support my rights. As a gun owner it's in my interests that the gun issue has been largely resolved by the Heller case. I can cast my ballet on the basis of other more contentious and significant issues that need to be decided.
It would be nice if both parties did in fact support gun ownership.  When warranted, the NRA has endorsed Democrats (including some in this election).  But it would be a mistake to imagine that the Heller case "resolves" the gun control issue. It was a 5-4 decision, vulnerable to any of those five justices retiring from the bench under an unfavorable presidency. 

Furthermore, the Heller case is only the first step.  It demonstrated that the Supreme Court would protect an individual right to keep and bear arms from the Federal government, to at least some minimal degree.  But the issue of incorporation against state infringements is still on the table, and the next battlefield is likely to be Chicago -- the other major gun-ban city, and not insignificantly Obama's home turf.  If Obama feels comfortable living under and supporting a gun ban with his legislative powers, can we really trust him with the power to appoint Supreme Court justices who just might decide that the 2nd Amendment doesn't mean anything after all?
As a voter, I haven't made up my mind who I'm supporting on November. But, in my view, Obama has neutralized gun as an issue. It sure would be helpful if NRA leaders looked ahead to the problems facing Americans who own guns and not just backwards to the good old days of " liberal gun grabber" bashing. It's worn pretty thin and really has gotten kind of old. Frankly, guys, our side won - move on already!
Denial is more than a river in Eqypt.

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