Settlement in Katrina gun seizures...

There's a short article here.  One possible explanation for police claims that they "only took guns that were stolen or found in abandoned homes": apparantly, New Orleans police have had an informal policy of confiscating any firearm they encountered in a traffic stop unless the person could produce a receipt:
In the course of doing research for our book ("The Great New Orleans Gun Grab") Todd Masson (my co-author) and I kept running across stories and evidence that New Orleans traffic cops were taking guns from motorists during routine traffic stops. The ploy used is to ask a motorist if he has a gun in the car, then ask to see it. Upon issuing the traffic citation, the cop asks the motorist if he has a receipt for the gun. Of course, no one has one, so the cop informs the motorist when he/she comes up with a receipt proving ownership, he/she can retrieve the gun at such-and-such a district.
After something like that, the gun certainly could be described as "stolen". 

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