Even when Democrats defend their gun record...

... somehow their prejudices show through.  The Huffington Post gets all annoyed at gun owners for refusing to believe Democrats will leave their guns alone:
National Public Radio (9-24-08) recently spoke to Democrat Louis Brandenburg in southwestern Pennsylvania, whose friends are voting for McCain-Palin because of "the hunting issue." "I can't understand what happened to our party....the Republican Party is always the ones who back hunters and sportsmen...all we get from the other one is flack about hunting and guns," protested Mr. Brandenburg.
So here's a Democrat who doesn't believe the Democrats on guns. Is it any wonder that they have no credibility on the issue?  In an attempt to skewer their purported ally, the Post explains...
In fact, Democrats have never challenged the right to own hunting or sports guns. Yet, in classic bait-and-switch fashion, leaders of the National Rifle Association incite the masses by raising the specter of Democratic "gun grabbers" confiscating citizens' "hunting" and "sports" guns - even as NRA leaders promote "sporting" events with automatic weapons and .50-caliber military sniper rifles (deadly at a mile, with a range of over four miles).
And yet in the very same paragraph they claim that Democrats have never challenged hunting or sporting guns, they challenge guns regularly used in extremely popular sporting events.  Yes, there are sporting events that use automatic weapons (already heavily regulated, no thanks to the Democrats) and .50-caliber rifles.  I've participated in some of the latter, albeit without using a .50 -- others at Boomershoot did

What's happening here is that anti-gun Democrats believe they can get away with their prejudices by separating out "hunting" and "sporting" weapons and then attacking anything that's not "hunting" or sporting".  The problem is that hunting and target rifles become "military sniper rifles", popular competitive sporting rifles become "assault weapons", and handguns become "Saturday-Night-Specials". 

Following that spectacular demonstration of idiocy, there follows a huge parade of attacks on gun owners, the religious, and even abortion opponents.  While political differences are fine and dandy, I thought this article was supposed to be about how Democrats aren't attacking gun owners?  Most of it isn't even worth quoting.  Finally, several paragraphs down, there's some actual argument worth rebutting:
The stranglehold of the gun lobby on Congress supercedes even national security. Agents of bin Laden were revealed buyers of U.S. .50-caliber military sniper weapons during the trial of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers. Yet, three separate bills to regulate .50-caliber weapons by reclassifying them the same as machine guns under the National Firearms Act have languished in congressional committee since 1999. Consequently, U.S. 18-year-olds have easier legal access to fifty-caliber guns than to handguns. CBS 60 Minutes reported in 2005 that .50-caliber guns and other assault weapons continue to be shipped out of the U.S. as "hunting rifles," often on commercial airlines.
Oh, the horror that such instruments of death and destruction have contributed to a grand total of ... 0? deaths in the United States.  Criminals simply don't use .50 caliber rifles to commit crimes, because they can't be concealed and cost several thousand dollars each.  There's no .50-caliber crime wave.  People who buy these rifles are serious shooters who have the time and money to invest in developing their long-range shooting skills.  Not criminals.

Oh, and the alleged sale to bin Laden agents?  It was legal, because it happened when Afghanistan was fighting to free their country from the Soviets. 
The NRA's shell game nurturing false fears of Democrats seizing hunting guns is classic bait-and-switch, calculated to scare voters, intimidate lawmakers and derail reasonable gun safety laws and national security measures.
That's "reasonable gun safety laws and national security measures" that, by some remarkable coincidence, would ban hunting and sporting guns.  The anti-gun lobby would be a lot more effective if they could manage to hide their agenda effectively.  They realize this and are increasingly investing in false-flag groups like the so-called "American Hunters and Shooters Association".  But even when they are explicitly trying to appeal to gun owners, they can't keep the lies and vitriol concealed.

The facts are simple.  The only way to be pro-gun is to be pro-gun.  Gun owners aren't easy to fool.

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