Australia's gun ban

American ThinkerAustralia, sadly, just saw its first mass shooting last month since the ban was enacted.

Swalwell, like all other Democrats who cite Australia, lies by withholding: Australia's homicide rate (and suicide rate, by the way) was declining at the time of the ban, and post-ban, the rates of armed and unarmed robberies, manslaughter, sexual assault, and kidnapping all rose. Robberies, assault, kidnapping, and manslaughter are all the acceptable cost of doing business, just so long as Democrats get their gun confiscation. Democrat "logic" is that it's OK to die, just so long as the death isn't caused by an "assault weapon."

As a PS, after the ban, Australia suffered from an awful, violent firearms black market. Think Goodfellas meets Crocodile Dundee.

People keep pointing to Australia's mandatory gun "buyback" and licensing scheme as being a good solution. Never mind the 2nd Amendment, of course, it didn't even work.

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