McCain picks Sarah Palin

Looks like a smart move to me.  She's the governor of Alaska, has NRA cred, offers the Drill Here, Drill Now perspective from someone actually living in Alaska who may be able to moderate McCain's position on ANWR, and will be very tempting to Hillary-feminist voters.  She's young, attractive, and has a reputation for "maverick" ethical reform that matches McCain's without McCain's RINO issue.  Obama can't attack her for her "youth and inexperience" because Obama's only two years older than Palin and actually has less executive experience.

Picking Palin is an unconventional tactic.  It exposes Obama's selection of Joe Biden as evidence that while we may "hope" for "change", in an Obama administration we'd just be getting more of the same socialism.

Plus she can probably beat Obama at basketball.

Beldar's been flogging Palin for a while.  I bet he's tickled.

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