Wait a minute...

SayUncle pointed to a gun safety class in school.  On its face I don't see anything to complain about, aside perhaps from the scary photo of a kid brandishing a fake gun.  But near the bottom of the article was this tidbit:
During the 30-minute program, students learned safety tips about guns and what to do if they find a firearm. A short video featuring Eddie Eagle, the Germantown police fire safety mascot, was also shown.
For those who don't know, Eddie Eagle is the National Rifle Association's gun-safety mascot.  Now for all I know, maybe the local police and fire safety mascot is also an eagle named Eddie... but I think the odds are pretty low.

I guess the reporter is so fixated on the idea that the evil NRA doesn't care about the safety of the children that he ignores actual evidence to the contrary.  It would probably do him good to actually watch the video.

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