Heller: A cool three and a half million dollars

That's the bill for the Heller case, according to ScotusBlog.  That's a big number and it should put into perspective a lot of the people eager to take whatever random criminal defendent happens to be in trouble with the law all the way to the Supreme Court.  Do you think your average upstanding citizen wrongfully accused can afford to spend nearly 4 million dollars defending the 2nd Amendment?  No.  Do you think that Heller would have won with second-rate lawyers constrained by funding?  Possibly -- but I wouldn't like the odds.

The anti-gun side will almost by definition have the force and funding of government behind it.  That means we'll be at a disadvantage in court unless we carefully pick the cases we champion.  That's why we have cases filed in Chicago and California challenging the gun control laws there.  There are organizations and individuals backing those lawsuits that can fund them all the way to the Supreme Court, using carefully crafted cases to attack the foundational flaws in gun control laws. 

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