Bitter has a scary story...

... about a hunter who checked into a hotel with his firearm (securely cased and unloaded) and was arrested because Democrats with a security detail happened to be staying at the hotel at the same time.  I found it from Bitter.  The full story from here or here.

This should be really worrisome.  Simplying staying with a firearm at the same hotel as someone with a bodyguard is not cause for suspicion, much less arrest.  And the hotel clerk called the police based only on seeing a rifle case.  So far, it sounds like the man was arrested while police investigate his explanation, and they may charge him with unlawfully carrying two handguns in his luggage.  The fact is, he doesn't need an explanation for lawfully carrying firearms in the normal course of his business. 

This is a simple case of overreaction, and it should concern anyone who has ever considered travelling with a firearm, whether for an African safari or just staying a few nights in a hunting lodge.  There's no way to predict whether you'll be sharing your hotel with a celebrity or politician, after all.

If they don't charge him after investigating his explanation, I wonder if he has a case for false arrest?

UPDATE: Note that this fellow isn't the only one who got arrested with firearms around the convention.  The other group of people are much less sympathetic.  I may not like Obama as a candidate but he needs to be defeated with the ballot box.  The struggle for Liberty is one of hearts and minds.

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