Heller v DC: The Sequel

According to Fox News, Heller -- the plaintiff in the original Heller v DC case which produced the first definitive Supreme Court ruling validating a 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms to individuals -- has chosen to sue the city of DC once again over almost the same issue.  This time, he's suing to challenge DC's continuing ban on the registration of magazine-fed firearms (any firearm capable of accepting a magazine of more than 12 rounds is classified in DC law as a machinegun, and will not be registeredl; this includes most semiautomatic handguns). 

The smart bets on this one suggest it won't reach the Supreme Court; it's likely to be struck down by the District or Appellate courts and cert to the Supreme Court denied (if DC even bothers to request it).

Still, this should be an interesting case to watch.  Itr's hard to believe DC can be so stupid about an enumerated right so recently confirmed by the Supreme Court.  I wonder if they are opening themselves to civil and criminal penalties for deprivation of civil rights under color of law?

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