Robert Levy on Heller

Robert Levy was one of the original backers of the Heller case, back when it was a small one.  He has an article out describing the effect the case has had on 2nd Amendment law going forward:

Much of the majority opinion and the dissent by Justice John Paul Stevens focused on contrasting interpretations of constitutional text, structure, and history. Without revisiting those arguments, about which volumes have been written, I?d like to comment briefly on four issues that received less attention in the opinions, but which have significant implications for the future. (1) What gun regulations will now be permissible? (2) Will the Second Amendment be "incorporated" so that it can be invoked against state and local governments? (3) Did a purportedly conservative Supreme Court engage in judicial activism? And (4) what happens next on the political front?

The guy put his money on the line for us when the NRA wouldn't.  It's worth reading what he has to say.

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