What is it with people who live in gun-control "utopias"?

They always seem to feel that their little petite tyranny will be absolutely destroyed if you allow the peasants to own firearms.  Yet somehow, they never realize that generally, the crime rate is so high in the land they claim to rule that whatever they thought they were doing about crime wasn't working.  They get so angry about it.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  It's like they are afraid that the people might not need their protection anymore.  And that could lead to things like... people actually voting for someone else rather than the self-ennobled Mayor Daley. 

You think I'm kidding about the whole nobility thing?  Chicago has a handgun ban.  Like DC's, it functions by requiring handguns to be registered, grandfathering handguns already registered at the time it was enacted (1982), and forbidding new registrations.  It also requires that any grandfathered handguns be re-registered yearly.  One of Daley's dukes on the city council recently forgot to re-register his guns, which would make them illegal.  The solution?  Well, because it's one of the nobility, we'll just pass a new law to open the registry again... just for this year... so anyone who forgot to reregister can do so. 

In practice, the law might as well say "peasants need not apply."
"Does this lead to everyone having a gun in our society?  If they [the Supreme Court] think that's the answer, then they're greatly mistaken. Then why don't we do away with the court system and go back to the Old West, you have a gun and I have a gun, and we'll settle it in the streets if that's they're thinking."
The mayor is obviously not paying attention.  He's making arguments against concealed carry, not arguments against law-abiding citizens possessing firearms in their homes.  Never mind that when concealed-carry laws are at issue, they work and the streets do not run red with blood.
"We think we're such an improved society," he added. "The rest of the world is laughing at us."
You know what?  I don't care what the rest of the world thinks.  The rest of the world has been laughing at us ever since we kicked King George's sorry ass back over the atlantic and declared a Republic of free men.  And we've been getting along just fine since then, except in cities like Chicago where the elected nobility have disarmed their subjects in a failed attempt to recreate Europe.
In railing against the Supreme Court ruling, Daley stressed the danger of private gun ownership, especially for the children of gun owners.

"We've shown time and time again how many children have been killed in their homes by guns," he said. "Parents are away, they get the gun. Parents are away, the child takes the gun, runs out in the street and has an argument, comes back and shoots somebody."
Actually, what Daley has stressed time and time again is that some children are killed by guns.  That's undeniable.  What he hasn't stressed is the number, because that number is very very small.
"Chicago, like other big cities, has a compelling interest in reducing crime related to firearms," the brief states.
How's that gun ban working out for you with that?
"From a law enforcement perspective, this [the Supreme Court decision] will no doubt make a police officer's job more challenging than it already is," Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said, "particularly since a firearm is used in 75 percent of all murders committed in the city of Chicago."
Right then.  It's not.  75% of all murders with a gun ban in place

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