Gun rationing debate in New Jersey

Scott Bach explains the issues.  There was a favorable court ruling (a surprise in New Jersay) that struck down one-gun-a-month laws as having no rational basis.  That's doubly-surprising, because the rational basis test is one that is usually very easy for a government to pass.  The ruling has caused some of the local gun control groups to push for statewide gun rationing laws.

There's one point I found particularly interesting:
What they conveniently forget to mention is that a large percentage of the traced guns have nothing whatsoever to do with criminal activity, but they are given the label "crime gun" nevertheless, because of a BATFE database requirement that all traced firearms must first be given a descriptive code before they can be entered into the system, and the only available codes happen to carry the designation "crime" in their name, regardless of whether the traced firearms were actually involved in crime.
I'll keep that in mind the next time someone is ranting about BATFE trace data on "crime guns". I already knew about this particular tactic for demonizing traced guns, but I didn't know the specific details that explain the designation.  Sometimes, knowing a detail like that can be more convincing than the bald assertion of fact alone.

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