Awaiting the Heller decision this morning...

I won't write at length.  But I'm watching.  By noon today, we will know if we have kept our Republic.

UPDATE: Looks like nothing on Heller yet.  More decisions announced on Wednesday, and possibly even more on Thursday.  Speculation on various other blogs is pointing at Scalia writing the opinion, which (if borne out) is probably a good thing for our side. 

UPDATE: ScotusBlog summarizes why they think Scalia may be writing the 2nd Amendment opinion:
It does look exceptionally likely that Justice Scalia is writing the principal opinion for the Court in Heller ? the D.C. guns case.  That is the only opinion remaining from the sitting and he is the only member of the Court not to have written a majority opinion from the sitting.  There is no indication that he lost a majority from March.  His only dissent from the sitting is for two Justices in Indiana v. Edwards.  So, that?s a good sign for advocates of a strong individual rights conception of the Second Amendment and a bad sign for D.C.
Their reasoning makes sense to me, but of course it's still reading tea leaves until the decision is announced.

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