SQL tool found in PA election systems

Gateway PunditA recent election assessment conducted in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and published in February 2021, found the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion Voting Machines in the county.

According to the Fulton County report, the analysts found “no valid reason” for the software to be installed on the system... This is the same software Michigan Attorney Matthew Deperno’s expert found on the Dominion machines as was demonstrated in Michigan.

The software allows anyone with privileges to simply change values in the database directly in order to change the outcome of the election leaving no trace whatsoever. The Dominion system looks to the database for the values and uses whatever is there. It is outside of the logs or other election-related auditing record one would look for.

The mere presence of this tool on the system should decertify the election system. There's no valid reason for it to be present during an election.

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