This is the state of science these days

UPIA new study finds that many people still believe -- incorrectly -- that women who engage in casual sex have low self-esteem. And they don't think the same is true of men.

That's because men and women are different. We have different sexual goals, risk profiles, and reproductive strategies. And notice how they call out "incorrectly", as if to shame and deride anyone who thinks that women engaging in casual sex might be behaving contrary to self-interest in a way that suggests they do not value themselves?

UPI"When we explicitly told participants that the women who had casual sex were enjoying it and were satisfied with their sexual behavior, participants still stereotyped them as having lower self-esteem than women in monogamous relationships who were unsatisfied with their sexual behavior," Krems said in a journal news release.

"... were enjoying it and were satisfied with their sexual behavior..." is not the same as not having low self-esteem. Nor is it even necessarily a truthful response.

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