Sebastion wants examples...

... of the gun industry advertising to criminals.  The only source I know of for this persistent anti-gun meme is the ad run by a manufacturer advertising his gun's "fingerprint-proof" coating.  In actuality, the coating prevented the residue of skin oils from rusting the finish of the gun if you forget to clean the gun after handling it.  In anti-gun mythology, of course, it was the perfect murder weapon.  In terms of actual evidence, I believe I've seen the ad, but don't have a copy of it.

If pressed they would probably also cite ads for "concealable firearms"; never mind that concealed carry is legal, with appropriate licensing, in nearly all states.

Another similar myth is the idea that gun manufacturers deliberately flood the market with guns "just outside" of gun control areas to facilitate gun smuggling and artificially lower the price of guns.  The real answer is obvious: when stores order guns to sell and have their FFL in proper order, manufacturers provide them with guns to sell.

But since when has a lack of evidence for anything stopped the other side?

UPDATE: Oh, and I forget two other classic examples. 

Gun bigots are often fond of pointing to "plastic guns that won't show up on metal detectors" which obviously MUST be intended for criminal use.  Nevermind that they don't exist.  (Glocks, which pioneered the polymer-frame handgun, have more than enough metal parts to show up on metal detectors).  I suppose if someone wanted to build a plastic handgun that doesn't show up on metal detectors, and could manage to produce one strong enough to do so safely, they would be marketing to criminals, since I believe laws have been passing banning this thing that doesn't exist.  But don't quote me on that, I don't recall any details.

The other favorite target is "armor piercing ammunition".  Insofar as it exists, and doesn't mean simply "using more gun than the armor was designed to stop", I believe ammunition that makes any claim to piercing armor is marketed to military and law enforcement rather than criminals.  I have no idea whether any of it works when fired from a handgun rather than a rifle. 

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