Bane has audio and commentary

Plus the official transcript is out.

Lott's commentary is predictable -- he's disappointed that there wasn't very much emphasis on statistical and empirical arguments.  The problem with this is that statistics are hard to get right, especially for non-experts, and the arguments aren't conclusively on either side.  We can convincingly make the case that gun control doesn't reduce crime, but we can't yet prove (though we can provide some evidence) that pro-gun policies do reduce crime.

Shepherd's commentary was insightful, but too long to summarize.  There's one particularly good moment when he's talking about an interview he witnessed between a local reporter and Heller (the plaintiff).  The reporter saw the DC Mayor, Adrian Fenty, walking out of the court building and asked a quick followup like "But hasn't the mayor done a lot to reduce crime in the city?"  Heller's response was to point out that the mayor was walking out of the Supreme Court building surrounded by 8 bodyguards, his own private army.... and yet Heller, who is allowed to carry a handgun to defend the lives of politicians like Fenty (Heller is a security guard for some government body), is not allowed to keep a handgun in his own home to protect himself.

I thought that was a very well done comment when I heard it on the CSPAN feed, but knowing what was actually in the scene visually makes it that much more powerful.

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