A new "terrorist" threat is the real terrorism

Bayou Renaissance ManGlenn Greenwald (who famously broke the Snowden revelations about state invasion of citizen privacy) alerts us that a new pattern of government warnings to the American people signals a new politically-inspired war on terror. This time it's directed against conservatives and Trump supporters, who are now officially lumped together and derided as "domestic extremists". Trouble is, it's just as false and manipulative as such warnings have been in the past.

The thing about the original war on terror is that there was an actual, foreign enemy eager to harm Americans. Yes, on the one hand the threat was massively overhyped, and on the other hand, actual terrorists were basically allowed by the FBI to conduct their attacks. Sometimes actually encouraged. But at the root, there was a real threat.

This modern version treats Americans as the terrorist threat. Not because of any actual risk of violence, but because those Americans are pissed off and believe the election was stolen.

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