NRA declines to file amicus brief in 2nd Amendment case

NRA In DangerJust in — a Second Amendment attorney informs us that, in the upcoming Supreme Court case involving New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, challenging the New York “Sullivan Law,” and accepted by the Court, the NRA does not plan to file a “friend of the court” brief. It will be the first Second Amendment case since McDonald, eleven years ago, and all the pro-gun groups will be filing briefs. Second Amendment Foundation will be filing one through Chuck Cooper, the former Assistant Attorney General who was NRA’s Supreme Court attorney for decades, until he was purged for supporting resignation of Wayne LaPierre.

The Association has tens of millions to spend on legal fees, to keep a dozen or so lawsuits going, to file bankruptcy and fail, to sue NY and fail, but no money to defend the Second Amendment in the Supreme Court. Suppose it’s just a matter of priorities.

The NRA's failure to put legal pressure behind 2nd Amendment court cases has long been a reason for gun owners to support other groups that do apply that pressure. I've supported the 2nd Amendment Foundation for that purpose. Even the major gun cases early in this century, particularly Parker v DC which became the Heller case, did not have support from the NRA initially. The NRA had to seek to intervene in the case later.

The current NRA is clearly not doing it's job.

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