Speaking of obstruction of justice...

Sara CarterA recently retired FBI agent, who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity due to the current nature of their work, said “when Comey made his announcement four days after Lynch essentially recused herself from the investigation – following the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton – he broke from 108 years of FBI protocols and regulations.”

“The FBI does not have the power to charge individuals or organizations with crimes,” the former FBI official stated. “FBI agents investigate potiential or suspected crimes and then provide checkable, proof based facts to DOJ prosecutors to allow the DOJ to make the decision to charge an individual based on the premise that they violated the law. The FBI cannot lawfully make that determination, even if the FBI Agent, in this case Comey, was previously a DOJ prosecutor. If any other FBI Agent has done what Comey did and not refer the case to DOJ to make a decision, that agent would be fired from their job and likely be charged with obstruction of justice.”

Well, Comey was fired. He has not been charged with obstruction of justice. That we know of. Yet.

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