Not satisfied with violating the 2nd Amendment...

DC has now decided to violate the 4th Amendment.  Emulating a program that I first heard about in Boston, they will be sending police door-to-door "asking" for permission to search homes for guns and drugs.  They spin it as an amnesty, but they indicate that guns seized in these searches will be tested to see if they had been used in crimes, and investigations will be opened if so.  The only amnesty appears to be for the "crime" of simple possession, which the Supreme Court will likely be striking down shortly in any case.
The program will begin March 24 in the Washington Highlands area of Southeast Washington, where officers will go door to door asking residents for permission to search their homes. It will then expand to other areas of the city.
I really don't have a clue what they think they will accomplish with this.  The only thing that maybe makes a little bit of sense would be an attempt to confiscate as many firearms as possible while they are still "illegal" (ie, before the Supreme Court can rule on the Heller case, and while the opinion from the DC Appeals Court is stayed pending the appeal to the Supreme Court).  If they sweep the whole city for firearms, confiscating as many as they can find, they can then make it hard to replace those firearms legally. 

It's already very, very hard to legally acquire firearms in the District, even of those types supposedly permitted.  If they can keep that process in place they can make it difficult for residents to legally replace firearms they had owned previously (perhaps illegally, but with honest intentions).  There are likely to be a lot of prominent people who fall into that category, more than most would realize.  In addition, I would not be surprised if the police kept records of guns they confiscated, and treated possession of an "illegal" firearm discovered in this search as a reason to deny someone's application to purchase a firearm in the future.

I see a major civil rights lawsuit in my crystal ball over this one.
Anyone want to be a plaintiff? 

Also... it should be completely obvious to everyone that the criminals with guns in DC will have no problem replacing theirs using their existing sources.  As with all gun control the only people inconvenienced will be honest citizens. 

Oh, and one more point.

The police find it necessary, in a city where handguns have been banned for 30 years and all legally-owned firearms registered for much much longer, to initiate door to door searches for firearms.

That should give you an idea how effective their draconian gun control policies have been.

I got the link from Ravnwood originally.

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