The So-Called Capital of the Free World

A while back I ran a series, submitted by a reader who requested anonymonity, on the process of buying a rifle in DC.  Not a scary "assault weapon", definitely not a .50 BMG "weapon of mass destruction"... just a normal, single shot, hunting rifle.

Since people keep talking about how DC law allows the possession of rifles or shotguns for self-defense in the home, I thought I would repost the series to explain exactly what is involved in the process of obtaining a firearm for your home.  Never mind that the law doesn't actually allow you to have a working rifle or shotgun in your home, the theory is that the judge would have mercy on you if you claimed you assembled the gun while your attacker beat you up.  Suppose that you were allowed to have a functional gun for self-defense if you went through the proper process.

Here's what you would have to do to buy a firearm legally in The So-Called Capital of the Free World:

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