Democrats: Making voting for McCain easier every day...

As we recently reported, on February 7 this year, ten days after endorsing another handgun ban supporter--Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.)--for president, Kennedy renewed his efforts to ban handguns by introducing S. 2605, a bill that seeks to ban the manufacture, importation, and transfer (sale, etc.) of any semi-automatic pistol that does not possess "a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the pistol . . . etched into the breech face and firing pin of the pistol," and stamp both sets of characters into the cartridge case of a round of ammunition, when the round is fired. On the same day, Representative Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) introduced an identical bill, H.R. 5266, called the "National Crime Gun Identification Act."
It looks like this year's gun control push will be for "microstamping", and -- assuming the NRA's summary is accurate, which I have no reason to doubt -- Kennedy's legislation will be a slow-motion ban of all non-microstamped firearms.  It won't be a door-to-door confiscation, but rather, once the current owner of the firearm dies, it becomes illegal to transfer to anyone else.  Surrender to the government would be the only legal option at that point.

For the gun control advocate it's an elegant solution to the problem of the 200 million guns already in existance.  You make them all illegal gradually, without ever giving Americans a door-to-door moment of truth, and destroy all existing value in the firearms, and you try to get the manufacturers on your side by effectively eliminating the market in used firearms for years.

At the same time, you don't solve any crimes -- because criminals don't buy firearms through legal channels, preferring to buy them from other criminals illegally, or steal them from honest citizens.

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