A good explanation of the ballot fold problem

Granite GrokIt may be that the AccuVote machines can sometimes mistake a fold in a ballot as a bonafide vote for the candidate whose name, and the associated oval, happens to be on a fold on that ballot.

For those voters using an absentee ballot, the ballot is folded to put in an envelope for mailing. One of the things that the Windham Audit is taking note of is ballots that had been folded on or near a candidate’s name. This may be the reason for the original vote discrepancy.

There's a video that goes into a little more detail.

Bottom line, this is a statewide problem in New Hampshire, and possibly more areas. It has been a problem for a while, but became obvious in 2020 due to the more frequent absentee voting. It may explain some of the significant discrepancies in Windham but neither supports nor denies malice -- that is, it could be either accidental or deliberate. (All it would take for it to be deliberate is for the person designing the ballot to know about the folding problem and design the ballot layout to exploit it). And it doesn't prove the voting machines were otherwise clean, either.

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