Who watches the watchers?

Zendo Deb brings us another sad story of abuse.  This time there's video.  Surprised a cop would be stupid enough to abuse someone while being recorded?  Don't be -- the abuse itself wasn't recorded.  After the woman comments that she is glad the interaction is being videotaped, the officer turns off the videotape.  When it is turned back on, she's lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood, having "tripped and fell".  Her "fall" resulted in two black eyes, facial lacerations, broken teeth, and a broken nose.

She suggests:
Everything police do all the time they are on duty or doing anything remotely official has to be video recorded. If for any reason, that video tape is NOT available when a citizen is injured, that is prima facie evidence that they are guilty of whatever the citizen accuses them of. I don't care if the recorder blew up, caught fire, or the K-9 unit ate their homework video recorder.
I've thought of that myself.  I'm all in favor.

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