The content of his character, not the color of his parents' skin

Radley Balko points to this article which questions how Obama's parents met, based on the low probability of interracial marriages at the time, and suggests they might have met through Communist activism.  He blames the appearance of the article on "the right".

As a right-leaning libertarian I'd like to thoroughly and completely disavow the article and the line of thinking that it outlines.  There is more than enough content in Obama's character to criticize, even if his speeches do sometimes seem like a long list of religious dogma and empty platitudes.  Oh, gee, there I go criticizing his character...

We don't need accusations of crypto-communist parents or a secret Russian plot to call Obama's gun-control policies (as outlined when running for the Illinois state senate) unAmerican.  Obama can be unAmerican all by himself, he doesn't seem to need any help.

Actually, I'm not even sure this particular accusation is coming from "the right".  I don't recognize the author, which is perhaps just a failing on my part, but the most prominent people desperate to make something stick to Obama right now are on the Left, and the Clintons have already engaged in crypto-race-baiting.  Stooping to crypto-communist accusations would only raise eyebrows because of how easily those same accusations could be applied to the Clintons themselves, and chutzpah has never exactly been lacking in that pair. 

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