Clinton wants a gun summit?

A gun summit?  I know what that means.  That means Hillary will tell us what she wants and then accuse us of not being "bipartisan" for not going along with it.  It's par for the course when only one side is asked again and again to compromise for yet more meaningless measures.

Oh, and the best part?

?I think we can do that, but it?s going to require us all to maybe give a little and understand the point of view of the other people,? she said. ?That?s something I would do as President to really bring people together.?

?We know we need better background checks and we know we?ve got to have mental health information in there,? she said.

Didn't we just pass that legislation?  Didn't you just vote for it, Senator Clinton?  (I don't actually know how she voted on the legislation I'm thinking of, or even if she did, but it did pass the Senate)  Is it too much to ask that you read the legislation you are voting on?  I guess so.. but that's also only to be expected from gun control advocates.  For some reason, they love to keep pushing the same measures again... and again... and again... even if they passed the first time. 

Don't ask me why; I just report the news... at least, in this post.

I guess Hillary thinks she can pander to both sides and get credit for it somehow.  I doubt she'll fool anyone.

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