What if they aren't the same thing?

An article questioning whether Obama has been sufficiently vetted to survive the general election included the following thought-provoking comment:
Well, yes, and I sort of get why this is, as I am not immune myself to the wish for a clean slate and a candidate who will represent the US to the world as we really are, as we believe ourselves to be.
What if "we", meaning the US, are not the same as what the author believes "us" to be?  I submit that this is quite probably not a hypothetical question.  The author probably believes that Americans are really metrosexual liberals who hate Bush.  (Well, given the President's popularity ratings at the moment, he might not be far wrong on the latter point).  But, nonetheless, should Obama be elected and decide to represent "us" to the world as "we" really are by apologizing to Osama for bombing his cave and to Saddam for unilaterally leading an international coalition to depose him, well, that's not who I really am.

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