ABC News has a poll up asking about gun control and whether it should be linked to the shooting.  Despite linking to the poll directly from a story about the shooting, and despite rather inflammatory poll questions designed to produce the desired response, when I voted the response was undoubtedly not what ABC News was expecting:
There are at least 29 confirmed dead in the shooting at Virginia Tech University, making it the worst campus shooting in American history. Law enforcement officials believe the gunman was firing at least two 9mm semi-automatic pistols.

Do you think this incident is a reason to pass stricter gun control legislation?

No. Violent shootings are isolated incidents and it's irresponsible to link them to gun control.
Yes. This shows the violence that can occur when someone has access to handguns.
I'm not sure. I need more information.
Total Vote: 44,390
I should note that that graphic above is probably a snapshot in time, and won't update if the poll results change.

I didn't want to jump straight into this issue, even though I knew it was inevitable eventually.  But there you go.

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