Trump's Korea Movie Trailer

So it appears Trump had a "movie trailer" created as part of the negotiations with Kim Jung Un. The folks at Power Line aren't sure whether it's good or stupid. Judge for yourself:

Personally, I'm going with brilliant. Why? Well, first, it worked. Just like calling him Little Rocket Man and parading our aircraft carriers through the nearby oceans brought him to the table, this video -- along with other negotiating tactics -- resulted in a signed deal. It's maybe not a finished product, but for this stage in the process? It worked. Here in reality we judge by results.

There's the argument that it uses Kim's known tastes persuasively (he supposedly likes US action films). That may be true, but it's not a very powerful argument. It does provide a psychological basis of familiarity for what came next, though:

It gave Kim Jung Un the chance to view himself as a hero, not a villain. And it offers him a path forward.

Very few people want to view themselves as evil monsters out to destroy humanity or nuke cities filled with innocent people. In a way, Kim is trapped within his position; if he loses power, the odds are he will be killed by his own people. He knows, deep inside, that he is stuck in the role of a megalomanic from a James Bond film. His people hate him, and the world hates him. Trump spent the last year or so hammering that point home with military exercises.

But then, here, he turned it around. He said, "Look, you can be a hero to your people. You can be the good guy. You can be the tyrant who did a heel-face turn. You can make a positive mark on the world and the world community will welcome you." Some of the most famous characters in cinema followed that path; if you have to live your life as a movie villain, there are worse choices than Darth Vader, whose mask removal moment inspired three prequels depicting his fall from grace.

I doubt this video would do much for someone who chose their own role, wrote their own script, and brutally clawed their way to power. Kim Jung-il would probably laugh at it. But Kim Jung Un, a third-generation descendant who is only 34 years old and looks like a scared kid?

Yeah, I think he wants a way out, if Trump can give him a narrative that makes him the good guy.

And the best part? If he takes it, he really will be a hero.

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