SPLC cannot be allowed to drive their political opponents off the net

The FederalistAmazon is the latest major tech company to reveal it relies upon the Southern Poverty Law Center to police social and financial transactions on its platform. The Daily Caller recently found that Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and Google let SPLC affect their platforms’ transactions despite years of documentation from a wide variety of outlets that SPLC’s business model is to deliberately increase animosity.

There are two competing norms in the culture war between the right and the left.

On the right, politics is not an all-consuming passion. People who disagree can still fundamentally get along. Freedom of speech means that people can disagree and engage in civil debate.

On the left, the personal is political. Disagree with the left on marriage, on how many genders there are, on the intersectional oppression of the gender binary on female handicapped biracial asexual people married to buildings, and you are branded as a bigot engaged in hate speech and driven out of public life. People who disagree, even civilly, are not to be left alone: they should lose their jobs, their homes, their businesses, their privacy, even their sense of personal safety.

The Southern Poverty Law Center compiles lists of people to hate. Their lists have previously inspired people to attempt mass murder. And their lists are not based on any reasonable definition of hate or bigotry. It's bad enough that such an organization exists and profits off peddling the hatered and bigotry they claim to oppose. But if they are allowed to use their partisan and politicized practices to drive opposing groups off major platforms, the harm will be huge.

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