Fayette County PA election violation investigation involving ballot issues

AmyWadasBREAKING: The Fayette County district attorney is launching an investigation into the ballot issues from Tuesday’s primary. He’s also looking into a possible election violation that he believes may have happened.

The interesting thing here is how and why this happened. The issue appears to be that all, and only, Republican ballots were rejected by the machines in the county. Democrat ballots worked fine. Since this is a primary, it's not as if you can gain a partisan advantage by blocking Republican ballots, generally. There are only a couple of scenarios where this makes sense:

1) If only some counties block only some Republican votes for statewide races, that may influence the outcome of Republican primary races based on which regions are allowed to vote.

2) If there are other races that are not primaries (ballot issues, non-partisan offices, statewide races) the outcomes may be influenced.

3) This may be a mistake -- a leftover manipulation from the Presidential election in 2020. Fayette County went heavily for Donald Trump by 66% to 33%.

Donald Trump slightly improved his total and percentages in Fayette County in 2020 compared to 2016. Did some sort of block on Fayette County's voting machines prevent those total votes from going much higher that we have now discovered by accident? Or was something done specifically for this election?

I couldn't immediately find counts for the number of ballots adjudicated. The modus operandi of the fraud operation appears to be to send as many ballots into adjudication as possible where the results can be manually adjusted. If Fayette County had an abnormally high adjudication rate in November 2020...

And guess what?

DJHJMediaAs if Pennsylvania didn’t have enough trouble running an honest election, now it’s gotten worse in Fayette County where the brand new in 2020 Dominion Voting machines refuse to recognize votes for Republicans. according to Chris Varney, Judge of Elections, Fayette County machines is only rejecting Republican ballots.

Yes, they are Dominion machines.

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