Deleted database files recovered by Arizona audit team

Just The NewsCyFIR founder Ben Cotton said he had resolved one of the most bitter disputes between Senate Republicans and county officials: the alleged deletion of the main database for the 2020 general election.

Despite finding a "master file table" confirming that a database directory was deleted from the server, Cotton has been able to recover the deleted files and does not need anything more from the county, he told lawmakers. "I think that's some good news," Petersen replied.

The county does not want to let the issue go. "Maricopa County did not delete files when preparing the subpoenaed SQL server for delivery," it said in a tweet thread shortly after the hearing ended.

Good to know the files were recovered.

Whether I believe the protests from Maricopa County officials that they didn't do it will depend entirely on whether the audit finds tampering in the election machines. Given how much they are resisting turning over other equipment, such as the routers, I suspect they have something to hide and know it.

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