Government manipulating forest fire statistics for "hockey stick"

WattsUpWithThatIt’s been an open secret, ever since Dr. Michael Mann used “Mike’s Nature Trick” to “hide the decline” by covering up some inconvenient tree ring data in the hockey stick climate graph, that climate alarmists will go to almost any length to only show the public the “crisis side” of climate data.

The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) has been the keeper of U.S. wildfire data for decades, tracking both the number of wildfires and acreage burned all the way back to 1926. However, after making that entire dataset public for decades, now, in a blatant act of cherry picking, NIFC “disappeared” a portion of it, and only show data from 1983. You can see it here.

Fortunately, the Internet never forgets, and the entire dataset is preserved on the Internet Wayback machine and other places, despite NIFC’s ham-handed attempt to disappear the data.

Why would they do this you ask? The answer is simple; data prior to 1983 shows that U.S. wildfires were far worse both in frequency and total acreage burned. By disappearing all data prior to 1983, which just happens to be the lowest point in the dataset, now all of the sudden we get a positive slope of worsening wildfire aligning with increased global temperature, which is perfect for claiming “climate change is making wildfire worse”. See figure 1 below for a before and after comparison of what the data looks like when you plot it.

The problem with trusting government agencies to collect statistics is that government agencies are by necessity partisan. As soon as some politician sees a political advantage in manipulating the data, you can no longer trust it. And in normal circumstances you might seen control of an agency passing from party to party -- thus giving them both some incentive to be accurate, for fear of suffering under the other party -- our current circumstances are far from normal. The Democrats are effectively in permanent control of the federal administrative state. Those agencies feel free to act with political bias, in everything from law enforcement, to intelligence, to even basic science.

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