Why the left is pushing transgenderism

PJMediaFrom day one, President Joe Biden has twisted the law and has turned aspects of society upside down to push transgender activism through executive orders, even attempting to resurrect a mandate that would force Catholic hospitals and doctors to perform transgender surgery against their consciences. Yet transgender people only account for 0.4 percent of the population. It does not make sense to railroad women’s rights, religious freedom, and free speech to kowtow to such a small population.

So the Biden administration stumbled on an innovative way to push this radical agenda: prioritizing immigrants who identify as transgender, giving them special humanitarian exemptions at the border.

In all honesty... the illegal alien agenda of the Democrats makes sense. It's wrong and a bad idea, but their obvious goal is to import voters they believe will favor them and swamp the normal Americans who favor Republicans.

The gay and lesbian agenda also makes sense. You're talking about a small but measurable fraction of the population that is highly, highly self-enforcing in terms of political conformity. Two or three percent can swing close elections.

Despite the attention being given to transgender issues, it's a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the population with a genuine medical condition, and an only slightly larger fraction of the population with similar mental health conditions. However, it's another small fraction that marches in lockstep with the Democrat party precisely when their hold on the "classic" gay and lesbian voters is weakening. (Why is it weakening? The Supreme Court declared gay marriage the law of the land, which takes away the issue, however wrong that court decision actually is).

So it makes a little bit of sense that the Biden admin is trying to import more transgender people in order to expand the size of a group they feel will be strongly committed to their party. They are abandoning current voters (so-called "TERF" feminists, for example) in favor of what they perceive to be future voters.

And that explains why the trans-agenda is being pushed so hard and so strongly at children. It's not about today's voters, who broadly oppose it but don't want to be accused of being mean by saying so. It's about future voters: specifically, every child they successfully entice onto chemical puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender-mutilation surgery.

Every one of those poor, confused people is being pushed towards permanent biological interventions that will forever divorce them from normally-sexed human beings for the rest of their lives.

The transgender craze is about creating future voters who are, in essence, biologically determined to vote Democrat.

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