Horrible reporting on guns

The ReloadThe [ghost] gun might look similar to any regular weapon; however, it’s missing one major piece: registration to make it legally owned,” KSBY reporter Melissa Newman said. “Today, I got a first-hand look at the only K9 in the county trained to detect them.”

Let's deal with the obvious first. A dog cannot smell the lack of a serial number.

Further, lack of a serial number doesn't make the gun illegal either. You just can't engage in commerce with it.

And guns don't have to be registered in most states, with or without a serial number, not even in California -- with an exception for so-called "assault weapons" which means basically anything with a reasonably sized magazine.

A dog can probably smell gun oil or fresh rubber or plastic. But a dog who alerts on anything with oil or plastic is useless to anyone who cares about accuracy. (What is your car made out of again?) To the sort of police who think "ghost guns" are actually a threat, though, such a dog would be quite useful. "Probable cause on four legs", as the saying goes, because such a dog will alert at every single traffic stop, 100% of the time, and that's only a problem when a savvy defense attorney requests the dog's scent records.

But hey, the police departments gets to show off their very expensive new pet who can smell gun oil. (Note: the police officer can probably smell it too; stuff is pretty pungent).

I just wish I could be there to watch the dog alert to his handler's own firearm.

Bottom line: Biden and his handlers have a hard-on for gun control and the BATFE plans to deliver whatever they can without going through Congress. The media and police in at least some areas are ready to get out their kneepads like it was the Clinton administration again.

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