The author of "The Bell Curve" has a new book out

Charles MurrayThe charges of white privilege and systemic racism that are tearing the country apart fIoat free of reality. Two known facts, long since documented beyond reasonable doubt, need to be brought into the open and incorporated into the way we think about public policy: American whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians have different violent crime rates and different means and distributions of cognitive ability. The allegations of racism in policing, college admissions, segregation in housing, and hiring and promotions in the workplace ignore the ways in which the problems that prompt the allegations of systemic racism are driven by these two realities.

What good can come of bringing them into the open? America’s most precious ideal is what used to be known as the American Creed: People are not to be judged by where they came from, what social class they come from, or by race, color, or creed. They must be judged as individuals. The prevailing Progressive ideology repudiates that ideal, demanding instead that the state should judge people by their race, social origins, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

We on the center left and center right who are the American Creed’s natural defenders have painted ourselves into a corner. We have been unwilling to say openly that different groups have significant group differences. Since we have not been willing to say that, we have been left defenseless against the claims that racism is to blame. What else could it be? We have been afraid to answer. We must. Facing Reality is a step in that direction.

He was one of the very first people to be canceled for observing that various ethnic groups performed differently on IQ tests and doing research about why.

I imagine he has a very interesting perspective on current events.

What's my answer on all this? I fear it's been mostly lost in the degradation of modern education, because it hinges on the difference between equality rights under law and equality of outcome (which modern critical race theorists call "equity").

Every human being has the same basic legal rights. You should not receive special privileges if you are white -- or black, or asian, or hispanic, or anything else. Everyone is a citizen, and has rights because of their citizenship, without regard to race or creed.

What happens after that is entirely up to you. Make the most of it, or don't. Take the credit or the blame.

Yes, some people will have significant advantages over others, or just get lucky. That's life. If you want to succeed, get out there and hustle.

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