More Seth Rich documents released from FBI under FOIA

UncoverDCThe DC Patriot reports that the FBI has released a new batch of documents to attorney Ty Clevenger from his client’s FOIA request for documents concerning Seth Rich and brother Aaron Rich. These 121 pages follow the 68 released on April 23; Clevenger has yet to comment on his blog.

The 123-page PDF includes a two-page cover sheet on United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Information Policy (OIP) letterhead and 121 pages of declassified documents. The cover letter indicates it is a final response to the FOIA request and that 58 additional pages were not released based on standard exemptions, including information the OIP says is either protected by attorney privilege, pertains to privileged law enforcement investigations, or the release of which would invade personal privacy or identify a confidential source.

The release does not appear to contain much useful information, beyond demonstrating that people at the FBI and on Mueller's special counsel team were paying attention to stories about Seth Rich and having conversations about them. Most of the potentially interesting information is redacted.

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